Divine Word Missionaries in Zimbabwe

Fr. Krystian Traczyk SVD

Missionary Profile

Krystian comes from Poland. He was ordained priest in 1980 and has been working in Zimbabwe since 1987 in different apostolates and parishes. He founded the Ilizwil Biblical Center in Plumtree where he printed a lot of prayer books and other materials in local language.

Currently, Fr. Krystian leads Biblical Apostolate under the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops’ Conference and he is worknig on establishing a new publishing center in the capital city. He also helps in our parishes in the Harare Archdiocese.

Support Krystian

by your

Pray for the missionaries and their efforts. Your spiritual support is the most important one. The work of missionaries is being blessed and the hearts of people are opening for the Gospel, as you pray:

Heavenly Father,
you sent your Son, the Divine Word,
into the world as a missionary
to save every person.
Before he ascended into heaven,
he commissioned his Church
to go out and spread the Good News.
Bless Krystian
who have answered
your call to be a missionary.
Grant him the light, strength,
and courage of the Holy Spirit
to win people for Christ.

Encourage Fr. Krystian Traczyk SVD with words of faith. Missionary work is difficult and missionaries may often feel discouraged. If you believe that their effort is valuable and you appreciate what they do, you should tell them. A few honest words may help a lot.


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