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Gomoza Mission Project

evangelizing of Ndebele people

Gomoza Mission of Mary Immaculate is situated in one of the poorest regions of Zimbabwe. It belongs to Hwange Diocese and it is more than 50 years old. We took over this mission in year 2000.

People in this area survive on subsistence farming and receive the Catholic faith very slowly. Besides the standard pastoral care, we organize Bible, liturgy, and leadership courses. We also do catechesis, justice and peace workshops, and congresses for our lay faithful associations. In addition, our hall is used by Gomoza villagers to do their own community activities.

In the mission we have two buildings important for our activities that need to be repaired - an old house and the hall. Currently the buildings are in a bad state. They developed dangerous cracks and the roof leaks.

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Pray for the missionaries and their efforts. Your spiritual support is the most important one. The work of missionaries is being blessed and the hearts of people are opening for the Gospel, as you pray:

Father Almighty,
you sent your Son Jesus Christ
to the mission of redeeming the world.
Many still have not heard his message
of faith, hope, and love.
Bless the efforts of your missionaries
and let the light of your Gospel
shine in the world.
Bless the Gomoza Mission Project
so that through the missionary work
in the power of the Holy Spirit
it may bear fruit of salvation
to the people of Zimbabwe.

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Encourage Gomoza Mission Project with words of faith. Missionary work is difficult and missionaries may often feel discouraged. If you believe that their effort is valuable and you appreciate what they do, you should tell them. A few honest words may help a lot.


Donate to Gomoza Mission Project to increase its efficiency.

Currently we need finances for renovation of our buildings, improving our liturgy, for travelling, and general maintenance.

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You can give your donation in person to Gomoza Mission Project or through an SVD mission secretary in your country or through any SVD missionary you know.

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