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connecting local Church with the world

Every Catholic is responsible for spreading of our holy Faith all over the world. Our Mission Animation project targets Catholics in Zimbabwe so they can start participating in this great mission of the Church. Often they can hardly provide finances and material support to missionaries and communities in another countries but they have to try their best. Sacrificing their prayers and sufferings for the success of evangelization is a valuable contribution too.

To animate the Church in the missionary spirit, we share news from missions in foreign countries and spread them via local media, arrange communication and support channels connecting Zimbabwean donors with missionaries all over the world, provide mission awareness courses for parishes and smaller groups, prepare mission awareness materials and tools.

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You can participate in the mission of Jesus Christ and his Church in your own way, just find the one you are called to take:

Participate in the Mission

by your
Become a Divine Word Disciple

Our lay partners in evangelization and mission animation, the Divine Word Disciples, closely cooperate with us and help the Mission of the Church by their various regular personal sacrifices. Learn more about the Divine Word Disciples...

Become a lay missionary

If God is calling you to offer a piece of your lifetime to the missionary service in his Church, you can take a basic course with us and be sent to a foreign culture to proclaim the gospel of life. Contact us to get more info...

Become a religious missionary

In our Church there are many religious congregatons that focus on the Mission. We, the Divine Word Misionaries, are one of them. In Zimbabwe there are also Mariannhill Missionaries, Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood, and others... If you feel God's voice calling you to give him your life as a religious missionary, contact us and we can help you to discern your vocation...

Care for a missionary, future missionary, or for needy people in a mission

There are thousands of missionaries out there. We can assist you to find the one who needs your help. According to your gifts and desires you can help him or her by your prayer, financial and moral support. In the same way you can help to a young man and woman who is being trained to become a missionary. Another option is to provide that kind of spiritual and financial care for a particular project in a mission country, especially benefiting poor and needy people.

If you want to try it, just contact us...

Pray mission novena

Pray mission rosary

Pray mission adoration

Pray for a mission or missionary

Sacrifice your suffering

Sacrifice your fasting

Sacrifice the Holy Mass

Donate finances

Donate goods

Donate services

Collect finances

Collect goods

Collect prayers

Animate your family members

Animate your Church community

Animate your workplace or school

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