Divine Word Missionaries in Zimbabwe

Vocation Promotion Project

seeking for those who are called by God

“Go therefore, make disciples of all nations; baptise them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” (Mt 28:19)

The Church is missionary in nature right from its founding by Jesus. He sends out his apostles with the above command.

St. Arnold Janssen felt called to proclaim the Good News about Jesus to all nations in 1875 by founding the Society of the Divine Word. So far our congregation has spread to 72 countries in the whole world with more than 6000 members. In  most countries it has produced more fruits, but in others less.

Today all over the world there is more and more need of missionaries. There are many areas of the world that still has not heard the Word of God.

“And how will there be preachers if they are not sent? As the Scripture says; How  beautiful are the feet of the  messenger of Good News.”  (Rom 10:15)

It is the mission of Jesus Himself that we carry out all over the world. Those who are called by God would be given enough graces to be successful if they respond positively...

Join the Divine Word Missionaries

...as a Priest

“I received from the Lord what I also handed on to you, that the Lord Jesus, on the night he was handed over, took bread, and, after he had given thanks, broke it and said: This is my body that is for you. Do this in remembrance of me.”  (1Cor 11:23)

Jesus Christ needs more servants – Priests in his mission, the men of service with great commitment and full dedication to respond to the needs of  His Church.

Our Missionary Priests are ordained to carry on sacramental work like offering Holy Mass, hearing confessions, anointing of the sick, baptising new children of God, blessing matrimony. They serve Jesus' mission by preaching and leading the people of God to the fullness of true love.

Many of them are also involved in special apostolates as chaplains for hospitals, schools, and universities. They also work with poor and marginalized communities.

“Missionaries are ambassadors of divine love. They are to reveal the great deeds of God and establish the kingdom of divine love.”
(St. Arnold Janssen)

...as a Brother

“It was Christ who gave gifts to mankind; he appointed some to be apostles, others to be prophets, others to be evangelists, others to be pastors and teachers.”  (Eph 4:11)

The call to be a Brother is equally important as the priestly vocation. It needs only to be properly discerned and fully accepted. Right from the beginning of the Divine Word Missionaries our founder St. Arnold Janssen had many Brothers who were collaborators in the missionary work.

The Brothers are given the responsibilities like building, carpentry, printing press, mass media, art, mechanics, electrical and electronic works, agriculture, schools, hospitals, administration etc. They work hand in hand with Priests and live together in communities.

Our Brothers have their own professional trainings according to each one’s talents.

“Since every brother is in the service of a Great King, he should perfect himself in his trade as far as he can, so that he will not be outstripped in this respect by people in the world.” (St. Arnold Janssen)

Our basic requirements

  • At least 5 ‘O’ Level passes  including English with at least B, Mathematics and Science. However ‘A’ Level is highly recommended.
  • Recommendation letters from the Parish Priest and from the CYA of your parish (or other Church association).
  • If working at the time of application, a recommendation letter from the employer is required.
  • A letter of consent from your parents or guardian (in case parents are not alive) stating that they are ready now and always to support you.
  • In case of an applicant being the first born in a family there must be a separate letter written by the parents stating that they are giving him full blessing to join the religious life and that he is free from any family responsibilities now and after the ordination.
  • A general medical certificate, concerning sight, chest, hearing, and HIV test.
  • Baptismal & Confirmation Certificate.
  • Written application to join our Congregation addressed to the SVD Zimbabwe Mission Council.
  • A valid Passport.

As a matter of principle we do not accept anyone who has been in training in another religious congregation or diocese.

If you feel the voice of the Lord calling you to be a missionary - listen to his voice, pray, think, seek guidance from your parish priest and contact our vocation promoter...

Support this Project

by your

Pray for the missionaries and their efforts. Your spiritual support is the most important one. The work of missionaries is being blessed and the hearts of people are opening for the Gospel, as you pray:

Father Almighty,
you sent your Son Jesus Christ
to the mission of redeeming the world.
Many still have not heard his message
of faith, hope, and love.
Bless the efforts of your missionaries
and let the light of your Gospel
shine in the world.
Bless the Vocation Promotion Project
so that through the missionary work
in the power of the Holy Spirit
it may bear fruit of salvation
to the people of Zimbabwe.

Encourage Vocation Promotion Project with words of faith. Missionary work is difficult and missionaries may often feel discouraged. If you believe that their effort is valuable and you appreciate what they do, you should tell them. A few honest words may help a lot.


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